Refund Policy

There will be no refund on any product as users can instantly download from our website and by doing this, your purchase is ‘final’ as there is no “trial” or “grace period” after purchasing any product. Once you have downloaded an item from the directory, then there is no way to “return” it. 

At first, we will let our dedicated support team help you resolve the issue. So, you must allow us to try and help solve your problem.

There is no obligation to provide a refund if:

  • You have changed your mind;
  • You Purchased by mistake;
  • You asked for Purchase Key or API;
  • You lack the technical ability to make the item work;
  • You can no longer download the item because it has been removed from our website;
  • You are in breach of our fair play policy;

No refunds will be provided to customers who have their accounts terminated or suspended under the following termination reasons:

  • Abusive behavior and/or excessive negativity towards our staff and/or other customers;
  • Repeated defamatory, malicious, and/or false statements including slander against us, and/or attempts to persuade potential customers away from purchasing our products;
  • Promoting competitor products, contributing to software piracy, hacking, spamming, or other illegal acts;
  • Attempting to circumvent our fair use policy 

NOTE: Every bot and the signal tool is subjected to market risk. we cannot guarantee accuracy and results. Do your own research before purchasing any products. Once sold and downloaded by you it could not be returned and there is no refund as per the digital download act policy.